The Best Type of Exercise for Recovery

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

What is the best type of exercise for recovery? Find out. 


0:00 Three main types of movements 

1:35 Benefits of eccentric motions 

4:02 Bulletproof your immune system 

Let’s talk about the best exercise for recovery.

There are three main types of movements:

1. Isometric: You’re holding a pose. You’re contracting your muscles, but you’re not lengthening or shortening the muscles. 

2. Concentric: You’re shortening the muscle while contracting. 

3. Eccentric: You’re lengthening the muscle while contracting. 

Eccentric motions can have a lot of benefits. There are actually more benefits of eccentric motions than concentric type motions.  

Benefits of eccentric motions: 

• Eccentric motions may produce bigger, faster, and stronger muscles

• There’s greater force 

• You’ll get the best repair possible 

• Eccentric motions are more efficient (less mitochondrial adaptation)

• Eccentric motions may be good for people with sarcopenia, osteopenia, or tendon damage

• Eccentric motions may produce more metabolic rate, more improvement with inflammation, and less inflammation

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