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The Best Times to Eat to Lose Weight

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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The Best Time to Eat to Lose Weight

Dr. Eric Berg

The information today on the best time to eat to lose weight is based on the technique of intermittent fasting, where you are going for a long period of time without eating. It fixes the condition called insulin resistance.

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What Is Insulin Resistance?

In insulin resistance, the insulin levels are too high but the insulin isn’t working well. It won’t get into the cells. Because of the high levels (outside the cells), you will not lose weight. If you have a belly, you have too much insulin. To correct it, we do intermittent fasting.

Will You Lose Muscle Mass with Intermittent Fasting?

When you do intermittent fasting, you are best time to eat two meals, three meals or one meal, do not worry about losing your muscle when you are using intermittent fasting. You will not lose your muscle.

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This method protects the proteins in muscle. In fact, it’s a good way to increase growth hormone and testosterone, both fat-burning hormones and ones that build up muscle.

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What’s the Goal in Intermittent Fasting?

Most people will not be able to eat two meals a day and will have to start out with three meals a day. The goal is to graduate to two meals a day if you really want to lose some serious weight. If you have insulin resistance, it’s going to be hard to go without eating because your blood sugar levels are all messed up.  The goal is what I’m going to show you right here.

Is It Difficult To Get Adjusted to This Method?

It might take a couple of weeks or even a month to get into this routine. You might have to start this process with three meals a day. Ideally the best time to start eating is at 11:30 a.m. so you eat at 11:30 and then at 5 pm. If you can’t do this, eat at 4:30 pm. The goal is to be very satisfied when you eat at 11:30. Don’t just eat a little food. Eat a good, solid meal of protein, greens and some healthy fat. Don’t go low fat because it will mess up everything.

You want to adjust the fats so you feel satisfied and you can go from breakfast to the second meal without hunger. If you can’t, it means bump up the fat. You can be a little hungry at 5 pm but if you are ravenous with blood sugar issues, you will have to go back to 3 meals a day. You haven’t graduated yet.

The feeling you’re going to feel is that your stomach is going to be a lot less bloated. You’ll feel that your stomach is shrinking and coming down in size and you’re burning off that belly fat. You’ll see the results. This is the best way to lose your belly because you are restoring your insulin levels.

At night, do the same thing you did in the late morning – proteins, greens, and fat at 5 pm until you are very satisfied and can go all the way to the morning.

Will I Be Starving Myself?

What are your concerns? That you will be starving yourself? No you will not because an average body has a lot of reserves and that’s fat to live off of. You’re basically living off fat between the first meal and the second meal, and between the 5 pm meal and the first meal.

The goal is to be able to switch. When you’re eating, you are burning off the calories from eating and when you’re not eating, you are switching over to fat burning to burn off your own body fat. That whole switch is controlled by insulin. So once you feel this by using this method, you’ll be able to do it more and more easily. It takes a while to graduate into it.

The Biggest Hurdle to Success

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I think the biggest problem people have is that it’s such a habit to snack on foods when you get home from work. You have to break the habit of eating frequently. There are huge bodybuilders I know that will eat once or twice a day. They don’t eat all day. And there are really skinny people who eat five meals a day – they will end up having problems down the road. The habit to break is frequent eating.


Now intermittent fasting is going to save you a lot of money because you’re not going to have to buy as much food. You’re also going to feel a lot healthier. Your brain and cognitive function will be better, plus all the other health problems that are connected to this.

How to Determine if You Should Best Time to Eat

If you’re new at intermittent fasting, start off with three meals a day with no snacking in between. Then graduate into two meals a day until you reach your goal. Then you can decide if you want to change back to three meals a day or stay at two. It really depends on a couple of factors:

1) Your age: If you are younger, you’ll probably need three meals a day

2) Your exercise level: If you’re exercising like crazy, you’ll need three meals a day. However, a lot of people who are exercising still only need two meals a day and they still feel incredible.

Once you get into fat burning, you’re going to have a hard time going back to running your body on sugar because you’re basically tapping into your own fuel sources when you use intermittent fasting.

Your Body Loves Fat Burning!

And by the way, fat-burning or ketosis was the original fuel that our bodies ran on way back hundreds or thousands of years ago. It wasn’t until the last 100 years that we ran our body on sugar.

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It’s a very natural thing for our body to run on fat. Our body likes to burn fat but we have to practice intermittent fasting to be able to do this.

So from now on, its meal times at 11:30 and 5 pm.

Go ahead and try this! Let me know in the comment below



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