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The Best Fat Burning Exercise

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 06/07/2024

The million dollar question is what is the exercise that will provide the most weight loss, the most health, and the most fat burning?

This all depends on what's going on inside your body. What is good for one person might be terrible for another. The weight loss from exercise occurs mostly in the recovery after the exercise.

Out of all the variables of exercise, intensity is the one that triggers fat burning hormones, not the time of exercise. This explains why some people workout on the treadmill month after month with zero results. So the quantity is not the most important thing. But I know what you are thinking...what about the amount of calories burned? Yes, you will burn calories that is for sure, but those calories burnt are not fat calories, they are sugar calories.

best fat burning exercise

So the intensity is vital. But if your recovery is crappy, then more intensity will only make things worse because to burn fat, you need enough recovery to recover from the intensity. This is why the best thing to do is to work backward and FIRST figure out your recovery, then the exercise.

The duration or time of exercise actually can work against you by triggering more stress hormones, which make more fat.

So, high intensity, short duration, and ample recovery is the perfect pattern. In my book, I walk people through how to create their own exercise pattern that will produce the best results.

Blaze Your Way

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Armed with this information, individuals can tailor their exercise routines to optimize fat burning, ultimately achieving their fitness goals more efficiently.

With "Blaze Your Way" and the energy expenditure calculator as allies, anyone can unlock the secrets to effective fat loss and embark on a transformative fitness journey.


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