The Best and Worst Weight Loss Diets

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

The Best and Worst Weight Loss Diet

I have every diet book on the planet and I study them. What I found is that they work while you are on them and when you are off of them you gain the weight back.

 In your 20’s you can pretty much do any diet and you will lose weight. As you age something shifts. What shifts is your hormones once you hit your 30’s and 40’s. Your hormones become lower and you have 6 of them that burns the fat and 3 of them that makes fat.


Different Type of Diets in Evolution

  • Evolution of the diet started with low fat. But, it didn’t work well when it comes to hormones - it has no effect on them, but it messes with your liver and then block your ability to burn fat. Fat is neutral and then they found that low fat diets really don’t work.

  • Next, the low calorie diet. The problem is that it creates a little bit of starvation. One of the fat making hormones called cortisol which increased body fat while starving you of nutrients. When you cut the calories you are cutting the nutrients. It might work in your 20’s but it won’t work when you are older and ruin your metabolism.

I develop a program to evaluate diets and foods based on nutrients (Dietary Nutrient Assessment). I wanted to know what type of diets had the most nutrients.

The program compared what you should eat verses what you are eating now. I found that most people don’t get close to getting the right amount of nutrients. The major and popular diet plan out there have the lowest nutrients. Most people don’t do well because you have so many cravings.

They also have soy in the diet which has estrogen in it and causes more problems because cellulite is made out of estrogen.

  • Then there are the high protein diets. It only stimulates 1 hormone but not the other 5. If you eat too much protein it can increase Fat Storing Hormone. A protein diet might work if you have a very healthy liver. It is not going to work long-term.

  • Now, there is the low-carbs diet. With this diet you are decreasing Fat Storing Hormone causing your body to burn fat, but again it is only affecting one hormone out of 6. If you have 1 ounce of carb, it will cancel out all the other fat-burning hormones and keep you from burning fat.

If you look at the foods some of the people are recommending you will see it’s a scam. It is too much sugar or too much carbohydrates especially if you are in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

Study Chapter 9 of my book, ‘7 Principles of Fat Burning’. It is an educational book. I go through all the triggers which will help you understand what will work and what will not work in advance.

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