The Amazing Benefits of Sugar

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Are there any benefits of sugar? Check this out!


0:00 Introduction: Are there benefits of eating sugar?

0:10 Sugar benefits

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I’ve talked a lot about the dangers of sugar. But what about the benefits of sugar?

The interesting benefits of sugar:

1. The drug companies and junk food companies, as well as their stakeholders, will love you.

2. You’ll get a dopamine rush for about 90 seconds (followed by lethargy).

3. You’ll fit into the majority of the population. It’s worth noting, they’re mainly overweight and have insulin resistance as well as other symptoms.

4. The majority of the population will consider you as normal. You will be well accepted and not considered some weirdo health food fanatic on keto.

5. Over time, your arthritis may even allow you to get better parking places (with a handicap permit).


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