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The Adrenal Potassium Connection

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 05/21/2024

Our body needs potassium. This is essential for quality sleep, as support for neural activities, and as a stabilizer of blood sugar and blood pressure. For a healthy adult, one would need 4 700 milligrams of potassium, which translates to seven to ten cups a day. 

However, there are two conditions that exempt you from taking the daily recommended amount: the Cushing’s syndrome, where your adrenal gland produces excessive cortisol; and the Addison’s syndrome, where your cortisol levels are insufficient.

The Cushing’s syndrome is when your high cortisol level goes down, leaving you burnt out (adrenal fatigue) to the point that nothing works any longer. On the other hand, the Addison’s is when you get a lot of inflammations, you lose weight, you get pigmentations all over your body, and your immune system is low. Adding potassium to this condition will only worsen the situation. In this case, consuming salt is the solution.


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