Rid Adrenal Fatigue, Sleep Soundly and Feel Energetic

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Stress Extraction Techniques

Mid-back Stretch

You can so this on an exercise ball on the floor, or with a smaller ball on your couch or even a foam roller as in the examples below. This stretch relaxes your heart and increases relaxation in your upper back and neck. Roll back and forth to get your entire mid back spine. Stretch and relax back and forth for 1 minute each.


Reverse Mid Back Stretch

In this stretch you’ll be on the floor or your bed face down as your stretch upward on your elbows looking to the ceiling as far as you can. Do this for 15 seconds and relax for 15 seconds several times.


Top of the Neck Stretch

In this stretch, you’ll use your thumbs to press directly into the neck just below the back of the skull. Sit back on your coach or do this on the floor allowing gravity to do the work. Do it for 2 minutes before bed.


Back of the Skull Stretch

Take your fingers and cup the back of your skull as you stretch your head forward. The key is to keep your neck somewhat straight while you tuck in your chin. Stretch and hold for a second, releasing for a moment back and forth several times until you feel taller.


Colarbone Stretch

Take your thumb and press under each side of your colarbone one side at a time as you stretch your head and neck backwards. As you stretch back, lift your thumb to create a stretch. Lots of stress accumulatse under your colarbone.


Front Ribcage Stretch

Press on the bottom of your tibs just off the midline, both sides. Then stretch back lifting the ribs and stretching - this expands the chest from poor posture. Do it several times in a row until you can breath more easily.


Adrenal Points

This is best to do laying down. Take your thumb and press directly inward on the following points below. Hold for 1 minute each point. Do this each night. 



Hip Stretch

This is a great stretch to undo all the sitting all day long. Cross each leg and pull your knee to your chest as you lean forward. You should fell stretching in your buttocks or hip.


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