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PARASITE CLEANSE: DIY Protocol and Home Remedy

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 01/05/2022

This DIY parasite cleanse is so easy to make! Check it out.

0:00 Introduction: DIY parasite cleanse

0:10 Parasites explained

1:47 The best remedy for parasites

5:50 Check out my other video on parasites!

Today I’m going to show you an effective DIY parasite cleanse.

Parasites take, but they don’t give back. The most common parasitic worm in Western Europe and the United States is the pinworm. 20% of children will get pinworms. 30% of people who get pinworms have no symptoms. 36% of people who have a history of UTIs also get pinworms.

Symptoms you could experience if you have a pinworm:

• Anal itching at night

• Grinding your teeth

• Insomnia

• Restlessness

• Stomach pain and nausea

• Bedwetting

The best natural remedy for parasites:

• Black walnut hulls (the green shell around the walnut)

This remedy may be effective against:

• Pinworms

• Ringworms

• Tapeworms

How to use this home remedy for parasites:

1. Use gloves

2. Get black walnut hulls (ones that are soft but not dark brown)

3. Cut them in half and remove the nut

4. Put several hulls in a 1-quart wide-mouth jar

5. Fill the jar with a 1:1 mixture of water and alcohol (vodka or apple cider vinegar)

6. Keep the jar in a warm place for 4 weeks

7. Strain the mixture

8. Put the strained fluid in tincture bottles with droppers

9. Take 1 dropper full and add it to a small glass of water—drink once per day ***For children, only use half of the dropper in a small glass of water

Additional natural remedies for parasites:

• Wormwood

• Garlic

• Clove

You can also buy supplements that contain black walnut hulls.




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