Natural Parasite Cleanse for Kids and Adults

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 11/17/2023

Have you noticed symptoms of parasites like low energy, digestive issues, and brain fog in yourself or your children? 

Parasites are a common problem in both kids and adults. Symptoms of parasites in your children can be especially concerning, but using a natural parasite cleanse for kids can be effective.

Find out about the natural parasite cleanses that are safe and effective for both kids and adults.

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What are parasites?

A parasite is a virus, worm, bacteria, or fungus that has a negative relationship with the human body. A parasite uses its host—your body—for nutrients and often affects your health.

Parasites can be caused by eating bad food or drinking contaminated water. This can occur if you’re traveling to a different country or even drinking water from a creek while hiking.

Raw meat or raw fish can sometimes contain parasites, especially if they haven’t been handled properly.

Low stomach acid can contribute to the development of parasitic infections. Stomach acid is essential in killing harmful toxins, pathogens, and bacteria. Maintaining healthy stomach acidity helps reduce the survival of intestinal parasites.

After taking antibiotics, your body can become more susceptible to parasitic infection. Antibiotics affect both good and bad bacteria in your body, which can weaken your microbiome. Maintaining a healthy microbiome is essential for keeping parasites from multiplying and infecting your digestive tract. 

Types of parasites

Here are three of the most common parasitic infections.


Pinworms are one of the most common types of roundworm infections in the U.S. and Western Europe and are most common in young children. About 20% of children will get pinworms at some point during childhood. 


Hookworms affect over 700 million people globally each year. Hookworms enter the human body through the skin and burrow into your intestines, feeding on your blood.


Tapeworms can grow up to 35 feet long and live in your body for up to 25 years. They are often caused by undercooked pork or beef but are rare in the U.S. 

symptoms of parasites

Signs of a parasitic infection

Parasitic infections often don’t cause symptoms, so they may go unnoticed. 30% of people who have pinworms have no signs or symptoms, and symptoms of tapeworms can take years to appear.

For those who do experience symptoms, the number one symptom is anal itching at night.

Other symptoms of parasites in children and adults include:

  • Grinding teeth

  • Sinus issues

  • Dairy cravings

  • Insomnia

  • Mood issues

  • Abdominal pain

  • Poor digestive function (diarrhea, nausea, bloating, gas, constipation)

  • Fatigue

  • Constant hunger/appetite changes

  • Rashes

  • Blood in stool

  • Bedwetting

  • Brain fog

Can you get rid of parasites at home?

“Your immune system is your best weapon against parasitic infections,” Dr. Berg explains. A healthy gut supports 75% to 80% of your immune system and is essential for proper immune function.

It’s important to focus on maintaining a healthy digestive system to discourage parasitic infections from reoccurring or occurring in the first place. 

Probiotic-rich foods are excellent for digestive health and help aid in proper digestion. Following a healthy diet and avoiding processed foods and excess sugar can keep your digestive tract healthy.

Keto and intermittent fasting can help improve your gut health and eliminate the main food source for parasites—sugar.

If you believe you or your child are suffering from a parasitic infection, there are several ways to eliminate parasites naturally at home. A natural parasite cleanse is typically effective for both adults and children. 

black walnut hulls

Six natural parasite cleanses 

1. Black walnut hull

A tincture of black walnut hulls is one of the best ways to get rid of parasite infections at home. Black walnut hulls are all over! You’ve probably seen them in your neighborhood. They’re tennis ball-sized and look almost like large limes. 

To create a tincture, gather several black walnut hulls that are soft but are not yet dark brown. Cut the hull and remove the nut.

Add the hulls to a wide-mouth quart-sized jar and cover the hulls with a 50/50 mixture of water and alcohol. Vodka works best, but you can also use apple cider vinegar in its place. Seal with a lid and keep the tincture in a warm place for four weeks.


This process extracts the 14 different phenols or phytonutrients found in walnut hulls. These phytonutrients are potent antioxidants and antimicrobials and are very effective against parasitic infections. 

After about four weeks, strain the liquid and store it in tincture bottles with a dropper. Take one dropper-full mixed in a glass of water daily. For children, use half of a dropper.

2. Wormwood 

Wormwood extract is a potent antiparasitic agent and dewormer. Use a tablet-based extract rather than an alcohol-based extract to avoid affecting the liver. Wormwood extract has a very bitter flavor. 

3. Garlic

Garlic contains a powerful compound known as allicin. Research published in the Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources has shown that allicin is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic agent. Garlic is also very safe and can be taken in supplement form, making it a great option for kids. 

4. Oregano

Oregano oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent. It also promotes intestinal health. Oregano oil contains a phytochemical known as thymol, which can disrupt the growth and development of certain parasites, inhibiting their ability to infect your body.  

5. Clove

Clove contains phytonutrients that have very powerful antiparasitic effects. Eugenol is a potent phenol found in clove oil which has proven effective against the larvae of several different parasites.

6. Apple cider vinegar

If your stomach is not acidic enough, you are more susceptible to parasites. Apple cider vinegar can help lower your stomach’s pH, increasing your stomach’s natural ability to kill parasites.

Check out this video for more information on natural parasite cleanses that can be done at home.

Is there a safe, natural parasite cleanse for kids? 

When choosing a natural parasite cleanse for kids, you want to choose a remedy with powerful antiparasitic properties that has little to no side effects.

Garlic, oregano, and clove are safe and effective remedies for parasitic infections in children. 

Apple cider vinegar can help strengthen your child’s stomach acid to prevent parasitic infections. Apple cider vinegar must be diluted with water to protect your child’s teeth and esophagus.

Always consult your child’s pediatrician before trying a natural parasite cleanse. 

Potential parasite cleanse risks 

Black walnut hull tincture may be safe for children but can cause a severe allergic reaction if your child has a tree nut allergy. Avoid black walnut hulls if you have a nut allergy.

Herbs and supplements can sometimes interact with certain drugs or medications. If you are on any medications and want to do a parasite cleanse, check with your doctor first.

Don’t attempt a parasite cleanse while pregnant or nursing. 

When to see a doctor 

Always consult with a healthcare professional if you suspect that you or your child have a parasitic infection. 

Very rarely, a tapeworm infection can lead to a condition known as cysticercosis. If you have lumps under the skin, fever, or are experiencing seizures, you may be developing cysticercosis.

If you suspect that you or your child may have cysticercosis, seek medical advice immediately. 


Key takeaways

A natural parasite cleanse can often eliminate a parasitic infection without the need for medical treatment. Black walnut hull, garlic, clove, and wormwood extract are among the most effective natural parasite cleanses.

A natural parasite cleanse is safe for children, but you should always seek medical advice if you suspect that your child has a parasitic infection. 


1. How do you get rid of parasites in children? 

A natural parasite cleanse can eliminate parasites in children. Black walnut hull tincture, clove, oregano, garlic, and wormwood can help eliminate parasitic infections.

2. What is the best parasite cleanse for children? 

Garlic is one of the best and safest remedies for parasites in children. While they may not like the taste, you can encourage them to swallow small amounts of garlic in honey if they are over one year old. 

3. How do I know if my child has a parasite?

Children frequently have their hands, fingers, and other objects in their mouths, so parasites in children are fairly common. If your child is experiencing some of the symptoms listed above like fatigue, dairy cravings, or digestive issues, it is possible that they have a parasite. 

4. Is it safe to do a parasite cleanse?

Generally speaking, it is very safe to do a natural parasite cleanse. Although it’s safe, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before attempting a parasite cleanse, especially for children.  

5. What is the safest parasite cleanse for kids?

Garlic, clove, and wormwood extract are a few of the safest parasite cleanses for kids. 

An unhealthy gut can make your child more susceptible to a parasitic infection. Focusing on a healthy diet that minimizes processed foods and sugar is very beneficial in preventing parasites in children. 

6. How long does it take to get rid of parasites?

The length of a parasite cleanse will depend upon the severity of the parasitic infection. A natural parasite cleanse doesn’t typically cause negative side effects, so you can continue the cleanse until your symptoms subside.  


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