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On Keto But Slow Weight Loss

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 07/28/2021

This is why you're not losing weight on keto. 


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Let’s talk about why you may not be losing weight on keto and what to do about this situation. 

3 important things related to slow weight loss:

1. The goal is to get your ketones from your body fat, not just your diet. The body will use the dietary fat and ketones before it taps into your own fat. 

You may need to cut down on the extra fat you consume. I would just consume the fat that normally comes with the protein. 

Also, when we say that the ketogenic diet is 70-75% fat, we’re talking about calories, not the size or the volume of fat. Fat calories are more than double as far as the density of calories versus protein or carbohydrates. 

• Keto is a low-carb diet 

• High fat doesn’t mean unlimited fat 

2. You must do intermittent fasting. What determines how much weight you’re going to lose and how deep you are into ketosis is where your insulin is at. A low-carb diet and fasting (intermittent and prolonged fasting) may help you reduce your insulin. 

You may need to either reduce the number of meals you’re eating in a day or have your meals closer together so that you have a longer fasting period. Consuming more fat with your meals may help you fast longer. 

• Take it to the next level 

• Keep insulin low 

3. A slow metabolism means you may have insulin resistance. I believe insulin resistance comes from years of consuming too many carbohydrates and eating too frequently. 

Insulin is not just raised by a high-carb diet. It’s also raised by eating. You can potentially create insulin resistance and make insulin resistance worse by consuming frequent meals. 

Do things to potentially help fix insulin resistance, including: 

• A very low-carb diet 

• Fasting longer 

• Taking berberine 

• Taking apple cider vinegar before bed 

• Sleeping longer 

• Exercising more

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