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Keto Tacos

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Keto Tacos Recipe

For the tortillas: 


2 cups almond flour 

2 tablespoons xanthan gum 

1 teaspoon baking powder 

¼ teaspoon salt 

2 large eggs

2 tablespoons water 


In a large bowl, add all ingredients and mix well. 

Knead with your hands and form into a ball. 

Wrap in plastic wrap and knead for about 2 to 3 minutes. Let rest for 20 minutes. 

Remove from plastic wrap. Separate into 8 equal parts and roll into balls. 

Between two pieces of parchment paper, flatten the balls into thin rounds with a rolling pin. 

On a medium-high nonstick pan, cook tortillas on each side for about 5 to 7 seconds. Don’t cook for too long or they will become less pliable. 

While you’re preparing your taco filling, you can keep the tortillas warm by putting them under a clean kitchen towel on a plate. 


For the tacos: 


1 to 2 tablespoons olive oil 

1 pound of ground beef, organic and grass-fed*

1½ tablespoons of taco seasoning 

½ cup tomato sauce 

½ cup of water 

Shredded Mexican cheese

Pico de gallo

Shredded lettuce

Sour cream 


Heat the olive oil in a pan on medium-high, then add the ground beef along with the seasoning. Stir occasionally while it cooks for about 7 minutes, until no longer pink.

Add the tomato sauce and water to the meat and cook for an additional 10 minutes. The liquid should be mostly evaporated but still saucy. 

Remove from heat and start assembling your taco: add the beef to the tortilla, then sour cream, Pico de Gallo, shredded cheese, lettuce and enjoy! 

*You can also use another meat, fish or vegetable to replace the beef. 

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