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How to Fix Bunions in 3 Steps

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/30/2022

Find out how to fix bunions using these simple exercises.

0:00 Introduction: What is a bunion?

0:42 What causes bunions?

2:25 How to fix bunions

3:15 The best exercises for bunions

8:15 How to get instant relief from bunions

9:30 Check out my video on flat feet!

Let’s talk about how to get rid of bunions. Bunions can become inflamed and tender, affecting your ability to walk and exercise. Bunions can even lead to knee pain or hip pain.

Top causes of bunions:

 • Your shoes don’t fit correctly

• You have flat feet

• You have ankle mobility issues

How to get rid of bunions:

1. Get shoes and socks that aren’t too tight around your toes

2. Use silicone toe spreaders

3. Do certain exercises

The best exercises for bunions:

1. Sit in a chair and bring one knee up with your arm. Then, move your foot in a complete circle as if you’re trying to draw a circle with your toes. Do ten rotations clockwise with your right foot, then do ten rotations counterclockwise. Repeat this with your left foot.

2. Place a tennis ball under the mid part of the arch in your foot. Stand on the tennis ball for two minutes and then switch feet. Do this once a day.

3. Sit in a chair and raise your toes up on both feet at the same time. Start with doing this 10 times and work up to doing it 30 times. If you get a cramp, stop. Once you can do this sitting, try doing it standing while balancing yourself against a wall.

4. While sitting in a chair, lift up your toes using your calf muscles. Do this by pushing your toes into the floor and lifting your heels. Do this back and forth, working your way up to 30 repetitions. After you can do this sitting, try doing it standing, balancing yourself using a chair or the wall.

5. While sitting in a chair, rock your ankles back and forth (invert and evert your ankles), working up to doing 30 repetitions. Once you can do this sitting, try it standing.

DATA: https://youtu.be/fA9s89zDW0g


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