How the Common Cold Can Protect Against Covid-19

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

The common cold isn't all bad. It may be able to help protect you against covid-19.


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Let's talk about how the common cold may help protect you against covid-19. The rhinovirus infection is basically the common cold. Children can get 6-12 rhinovirus infections per year.

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine found that your interferon production goes way up when you have a rhinovirus infection. Interferon is a defense mechanism against viruses.

In the experiment, they infected the airways of people who never had the rhinovirus with covid-19. After, the viral loads doubled every six hours for three days. There was a massive covid-19 infection occurring.

But, they also infected a group of people who had been exposed to the rhinovirus in the past with covid-19. In these people, the replication of the virus halted.

So, potentially, the more colds a person has, the more interferon there is in the sinuses, and the more protection they have against viruses, including covid-19.

This could potentially be one reason why children are rarely affected by covid-19.

I believe the best thing to do when it comes to covid-19 is to keep your immune system very strong.


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