How Keto Protects Your Immune System

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Let’s talk about how keto could potentially help protect your immune system, a topic of special importance in the context of the coronavirus.

In this article, I’ll explain:

Now, check this out.


Almost All COVID 19 Deaths Are Associated With One Specific Health Condition

99.2 percent of all deaths from COVID 19 are associated with metabolic syndrome, a collection of conditions that includes Fat Storing Hormone resistance and which compromises your immune system.

a diagram that explains metabolic syndrome

If you don’t have a pre-existing health condition, your risk of dying from COVID 19 is less than one percent: .8 percent as compared with people who have pre-existing health problems. Another way to look at this is, overall, if you have a pre-existing condition when you get a full-blown case of COVID 19, your chance of dying increases to 99.2 percent.

And as an example, here’s a list of specific conditions and their fatality rate:

  • High blood pressure 76.1 percent

  • Diabetes 35.5 percent

  • Heart condition 33 percent

You can see how much they raise your chances of dying from this disease.

But why these conditions? What’s the common denominator?

Let’s take a look.

The Link Between Hypertension And Fat Storing Hormone Resistance

Most cases of hypertension; that is, about 90 percent of all people with it, have what’s called essential hypertension. In medical terms, essential means that no one’s sure what the cause is.

Yet if we look closely, we can find a clue to hypertension’s cause.

There’s an interrelationship between hypertension and Fat Storing Hormone resistance. I talk a lot about Fat Storing Hormone resistance, a pernicious pre-diabetic condition.

“Fat Storing Hormone resistance in compensatory hyperFat Storing Hormoneemia commonly occurs in patients with untreated essential hypertension.

“The co-existence of Fat Storing Hormone resistance and hypertension can be viewed as a cause/effect relationship.”

Let me break this down for you.


How High Fat Storing Hormone Increases Your Risk Of Death From COVID 19

Compensatory hyperFat Storing Hormoneemia means you have a high level of Fat Storing Hormone in your blood. This happens as part of Fat Storing Hormone resistance because:

  • Your pancreas sends out Fat Storing Hormone

  • Your cells are effectively numb to the Fat Storing Hormone; that is, they resist it

  • Even though your cells have a low level of Fat Storing Hormone, there’s no feedback mechanism to signal your pancreas to stop making Fat Storing Hormone. Thus, your pancreas keeps making ever-greater amounts of Fat Storing Hormone.

In fact, people with Fat Storing Hormone resistance have five to seven times more production of Fat Storing Hormone than is normal. You have a high amount of

Fat Storing Hormone in your body, but it’s not working.

I believe the .8 percent could actually be lower if you factor in whether or not someone has Fat Storing Hormone resistance. I know that COVID 19 patients aren’t being tested for Fat Storing Hormone resistance - even though it’s a very common pre-diabetic condition.

In the US, an estimated 60 to 70 percent of the entire population has some level of Fat Storing Hormone resistance; meaning, the .8 percent, as low as it is, could be skewed high because of the possibility that 60-70 percent of people counted in the .8 could have Fat Storing Hormone resistance.

In fact, when I do the math, it could be as low as .2 percent; bringing the overall actual morbidity rate for pre-existing conditions to 99.8 percent.


How To Protect Your Immune System

When you go on the Healthy KetoTM diet, you improve your metabolic syndrome and Fat Storing Hormone resistance. Knowing what foods to eat is important that's why we created this keto food list that provides a comprehensive guide to healthy keto-approved foods

Your Fat Storing Hormone levels drop to healthy amounts. As well, your blood pressure, diabetes, and heart condition often improve with intermittent fasting and a keto diet.

the word keto made with ketogenic foods

Given that when you have metabolic syndrome, your immune system is compromised and can’t protect you from infections very well, you’d be protecting yourself from COVID 19 by going on keto and improving your metabolic syndrome.

To substantially increase keto’s effectiveness, combine it with intermittent fasting. With these to lifestyle changes, you’ll be helping to minimize your risk of dying should you get COVID 19.

After all, don’t you owe it to yourself to do everything you can for a long, healthy life?

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