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Have You Been on Birth Control without Knowing? MEN and WOMEN

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 03/28/2022

Is soy bad for you or not? There have been a lot of mixed conclusions—here's what you need to know, especially concerning fertility.

0:00 Introduction: Have you been on birth control without knowing?

0:10 Is soy healthy or not?

2:25 The truth about soy

5:45 What you can do

6:15 Check out my video on estrogen dominance!

This video will cover what you really need to know about soy, especially concerning fertility.

Soy acts very similar to estradiol in the body. It can easily bind to estrogen receptors and create an estrogenic effect on the body.

Different types of soy are in many of our food products. Soy oil is in everything from hummus to oatmeal and even soda. Many types of animal feed also contain soy.

There are a lot of mixed conclusions when it comes to the research on soy, mainly based on who sponsored the study.

The most problematic thing I see with soy is soy-based infant formulas. Soy has been linked to higher body weight in infants. Not to mention many infants have soy allergies and digestive issues.

In general, soy has been linked to hypothyroidism, endocrine problems, digestive issues, and many other health issues.

Certain studies on women have linked soy to:

• A higher risk of infertility

• Problems with the menstrual cycle

• A lowered probability of giving birth

Certain studies on men have linked soy to:

• Lower sperm count

• Decreased erections

• Decreased libido

• Hot flashes

• Increased breast tissue

• Nipple discharge

• Lowered testosterone

Be aware there could be soy hiding in the products you buy, and check labels to ensure your products don't contain soy.















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