Eye Witness News Everywhere Midday Interview with Dr Berg Discussing Body Types

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Eye Witness News Everywhere Midday Interview with Dr. Berg Discussing Body Types

“How many times have you started a new diet, you follow the rules and regulations that the diet requires but you see zero results? It maybe because that diet is not formulated for your body type.” ~ Eye Witness News

My book 7 Principles of Fat Burningis not like other diet books because it is about four body shapes.

There are four distinct shapes to different problems with weight loss. Take Dr. Berg's body type quiz to understand which body type shape you are and what type of nutritional diet is best suited for you. You can’t put everyone in the same program because they all have different problems.

People are doing crazy things to get rid of their belly fat, especially with these diets. What they don’t realize is that the belly is coming from a hormonal imbalance - it’s not about eating too many calories or not enough exercise.

I developed a technology that gets people to fat-burning 24 hours a day according to their body shape and is very specific to hormonal imbalance.

The frustration is that people are told to eat better and exercise more but are not getting results. What is happening there is a hormone called cortisol which is taking muscles from your legs and butt and then turning it into fat around your stomach.

What you have to do is not concentrate on the weight but on the hormone. For instance:

We look at stress levels and sleep cycles. The majority of the fat a person burns is in the deep hours of the night. The exercise you do today won’t occur until 24 to 48 hours later in the deep sleep cycle.

Let’s say you are not sleeping, no matter how much exercise you are doing you won’t burn fat. Each thing you do will influence the hormones. We try to maximize your lifestyle to fat-burning not just counting calories.

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