Dr Bergs Body Type Seminar

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023


Dr. Berg's Body Type Seminar

There are people that exercise 7 days a week, work out 2 hours a day, and still can’t lose even an ounce.

The question is why? What makes someone able to lose weight while others cannot? 

If you look around, you’ll see that most people fall into one of four types of body shapes. Some people hold their weight in these areas:

  • Belly as a sagging belly

  • Protruding belly

  • Saddle bag around the waist

  • Hip area and sagging arms

  • Or big everywhere

So I developed a body type system for weight loss. If there is something going on inside your body that is off or out of balance, the outside is going to be shaped differently.

There is nothing worse than doing a bunch of work to lose weight and not getting results. There are people that keep failing over and over again. It is not because they are crazy, lazy, or have low willpower. It’s because they are not getting results.

You don’t have a weight problem. You have a weight symptom. I know some of you are like, “Really? Have you seen me lately?” But, really. It’s a hormone problem or a slow metabolism.

Let’s talk about hormones. I had a woman come to me and say she didn’t need to come to my seminar because she had her hormones removed. There are over 600 hormones in your body. The ones I will discuss are the fat-burning hormones.


What Are Hormones?

The thyroid gland tries to communicate to the fat cell through receptors. Hormones are communicators and they have millions of functions. But, I’m talking about the fat-burning hormone.

Humans have a gland that make hormones (thyroid gland). It gets sent to the blood stream. It is received and then it is supposed to burn fat. With most people, the communication is being sent but it’s not being received. This is why a person will keep gaining weight.


What Are the Different Body Types?

  • The thyroid body type shows weight all over or equally, and not in one location. Your thyroid is located at the base of your neck. If the thyroid is not working, you are going to start to develop what they call potential energy.

    One name for potential energy is fat which is a survival mechanism that protects you against starvation, famine, and stress. The question is how do we get rid of it if we have too much?

    Most people go on a diet that is starvation. Diets have you counting calories, cutting portions, and everything in moderation. They end up creating more potential energy and ruining the metabolism for their metabolic body type.

    The thyroid goes to every single cell in the body. Your cells will end up bigger which causes you to be bigger everywhere.

    The symptoms of thyroid body types are cravings to carbohydrates like bread, crackers, pasta, and cereal. They have problems with their hair which starts to become thinner, brittle, and they eventually lose their hair. They get vertically ridge nails.

    One might have loose skin under the neck and arms. You might see them with less eyebrows on the outer parts first. Also, they have cold feet. A thyroid body can sleep for many hours but they don’t feel refreshed when they are awake.

  • For the adrenal body types, there is the adrenal gland which sits on top of the kidneys– you have two of them. There is one on each side of your body. The adrenal hormone acts and adapts to stress.

    If you can imagine being chased by a tiger for 10 years, that’s what happens to the adrenal when it burns out. If you are really being chased by a tiger for years, you are not going to sleep. You’re not going to be able to reproduce and digest properly. You’ll have problems with blood pressure and cholesterol. The adrenal regulates stress that accumulates like a bucket.

    There is always a stress situation right before you start developing weight problems such as marriage, divorce, surgery, having a baby, ear infection, or throat infection. You simply accumulate stress throughout your lifetime.

    The biggest stressor is other people. When the adrenal starts to malfunction, you can’t tolerate stress and you start increasing hormones that are causing belly fat. The adrenal body type will hold weight mainly in their belly.

    The adrenal also affects your sleep. A person actual lose weight while recovering during sleep. So, if the adrenal type is exercising every day and don’t get any sleep, then this is the cause.

    Adrenal body types should start out with moderate exercise like walking until they can fix their sleep pattern; otherwise too much exercise will stimulate the adrenal more and they won’t get results.

    Adrenal body types crave salts and sugars especially at night.

  • The ovary body type comes from an overabundance of estrogen, which makes fat. Increasing protein in the diet can trigger fat-burning hormones (like growth hormone) to counter the excess estrogen.

    This body type craves dairy, ice cream, cheese, and yogurt because their hormones are out of balance. Being pregnant will sometimes block the thyroid because of too much estrogen. Ovary body types hold weight in their thighs and hips.

  • The liver body type can be caused by a fatty liver. The liver is located on the right side of your body and is about 3 lbs. This body type has a protruded potbelly that is hard and is higher on the body which is from fluid from the liver. You might see this a lot in men.

    The liver is leaking. Their legs are skinny. A bad liver is mostly from heavy-cooked animal proteins or deep-fried foods which destroy the liver.

    The liver is the only organ that can regenerate 100% but it takes three years. Liver problems cause itchy skin, white tongue, bad breath, liver spots on skin. digestive bloating, belching, and gas. Ironically, the liver body types crave deep-fried food such as fried chicken because they can’t absorb it.

    This body type might also crave something sweet right after they eat due to lack of digesting fats to satisfy the blood sugars. They might be grouchy in the morning because they have low blood sugar when they wake up. To understand your hormonal body type take this quiz.

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