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Blog >> Does Ketosis Worsen the Adrenal Glands

Does Ketosis Worsen the Adrenal Glands

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Does ketosis worsen adrenal glands? No, it doesn’t. It’s actually the other way around. High cortisol levels are triggered by stress. That’s why the glands would automatically produce the hormone to help the body cope.

However, cortisol increases insulin – something ketosis aims to lower to a more controllable level, and this would blow you out of ketosis. Hence, stress destroys ketosis. Conversely, it’s ketosis that makes stress more bearable and manageable.

When you lower your insulin, you lower your stress levels, leading to a lower cortisol. Is this a bad ketosis effect on the adrenal glands? No. Lowering down insulin for a lesser need to produce a great deal of cortisol is the effect of ketosis, so it’s literally a stress-free way of losing weight.


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