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Cold Feet? Don't Forget Iodine

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 04/05/2021

Are your feet always cold? Check out this remedy for cold feet!


0:00 Cold feet remedy 

0:10 Iodine deficiency symptoms 

2:20 A good source of iodine 

3:50 How to use sea kelp for cold feet 

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If you have cold feet, don't forget about iodine! There are other causes of cold feet, but an iodine deficiency can be one of them. 

Symptoms of an iodine deficiency: 

• Slow metabolic rate

• Fatigue 

• Weakness 

• Hair loss 

• Dry skin 

• Feeling cold 

• Trouble learning 

• Lower IQ 

• Higher estrogen 

Iodine is involved in many different things. Globally, there are 1,572 million people at risk for having an iodine deficiency.  Unless you're consuming food from the sea, sea kelp, an iodine supplement, or a trace mineral supplement, you may not be getting enough iodine.  Sea kelp is a really good source of iodine.

Sea kelp has a lot of other beneficial nutrients as well, including:

• Manganese

• Iron 

• Zinc 

• Potassium 

• Calcium 

• Vanadium (may be good for blood sugars)

• Fucoidan (has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties)

• Fucoxanthin (promotes weight loss)

• Alginate (promotes weight loss) 

How to use sea kelp to help with cold feet:

• Take 1 capsule of sea kelp in the early morning for 2-3 weeks


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