Can You Scare People Into Health?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Do fear campaigns work when it comes to health and weight loss? Here’s what I think.


0:00 Fear campaigns and health

0:45 Campaigns based on false information

1:53 Question to ask yourself

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I want to talk about the concept of using fear campaigns to try to get people healthy and to lose weight. Fear campaigns are a commonly used tactic in marketing to get people to buy a product or change their behavior.

There are some fear campaigns, like anti-smoking and anti-alcohol campaigns, that I don’t think are bad. But, these campaigns are just trying to get people to stop something rather than replacing it with another solution that can involve large amounts of money.

There have been many campaigns in the past related to health that has been based on false information. Some solutions have even been harmful.

Question to ask yourself about fear campaigns:

1. Is the solution based on good data?

2. Who sponsored the research?

3. How much money is involved?

I believe a better way to get people motivated to change their behavior is through education, but what do you think?


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