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Can Olive Oil be the Next Ibuprofen?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 07/16/2021

Forget Advil. Olive oil may be an excellent natural ibuprofen substitute.


0:00 Is there natural ibuprofen?

0:58 How olive oil may act as a natural ibuprofen

1:22 How to use olive oil as a natural ibuprofen

1:38 What causes inflammation?

1:50 Olive oil for Alzheimer’s and cancer

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Is there something that could act as natural ibuprofen? There is some great data that demonstrates that a chemical in extra virgin olive oil can potentially mimic the effects of ibuprofen. But, be sure to check with your doctor before coming off of any medications.

The natural anti-inflammatory chemical in extra virgin olive oil gives you a strong stinging sensation in the back of your throat. If this doesn’t happen when you consume olive oil, it may not be good authentic extra virgin olive oil.

You would want to consume 50 milligrams or 1.7 ounces of extra virgin olive oil to potentially get this effect. Putting it on your salad every day would be a great idea.

You would get about 60-90% absorption, which comes out to about 9 mg. You may want to do this every day if you are prone to inflammation.

If you’re getting inflammation, you may be consuming too many carbohydrates in your diet. Getting on the Healthy Keto diet and intermittent fasting would be a great place to start getting rid of inflammation.

The natural compound in olive oil may also help reduce the plaquing that develops when you have Alzheimer’s. It also has anti-cancer effects.






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