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Burning Mouth Syndrome Demystified

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/17/2021

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Check out these interesting remedies for burning mouth syndrome. 


0:00 Burning mouth syndrome

0:20 What causes burning mouth syndrome? 

1:25 Nutritional deficiencies found with burning mouth syndrome 

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Today we’re going to talk about an interesting condition called burning mouth syndrome. There is not a lot that’s known about this condition. The person feels the problem, but there are no tests that can indicate a problem, and the cause is unknown. 

If the person has a subclinical nutritional deficiency, this condition is going to be very difficult to diagnose. A good portion of people who have burning mouth syndrome are post-menopausal. Post-menopausal women have low estrogen and very low progesterone. 

Post-menopausal women may also be at risk for a B12 deficiency and a B6 deficiency. A B12 deficiency can potentially correlate with a burning tongue. Some additional research shows an association between a deficiency of vitamin B6 and burning mouth syndrome. 

It seems the most common nutritional deficiencies found with burning mouth syndrome are:

• B12 deficiency 

• Folic acid deficiency 

• B6 deficiency 

• Zinc deficiency 

Diabetes and low estrogen (which you see in post-menopausal women) are both correlated with burning mouth syndrome. You may also notice high homocysteine levels with burning mouth syndrome. This can potentially be lowered by taking certain vitamins like B12, B6, and the mineral zinc.

Potential remedies for burning mouth syndrome:

• B12 

• Folic acid 

• B6 

• Zinc 

You may also want to do whatever you can to support your adrenals and any blood sugar issues. 






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