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POTASSIUM: The Most Important Electrolyte Yet an Ignored Epidemic - Dr. Berg

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 01/02/2022

Learn more about potassium and why it’s the most important electrolyte.

0:00 Introduction: Potassium is the most important electrolyte

0:10 Why potassium is important

0:40 What is an electrolyte?

3:52 What does potassium do?

9:35 Potassium deficiency causes

15:34 Are you consuming enough salad?

Today, I will cover what you need to know about potassium.

An electrolyte is an electrically charged mineral. The body uses electrolytes for various things, such as:

• To help conduct nerve impulses

• To help contract and relax muscles

• To help maintain pH in the body

• To help push fluid through the body 30% of all of the energy in the body comes from the sodium-potassium pump.

The purpose of the pump is basically to maintain cellular energy.

What does potassium do?:

• It provides energy

• It provides endurance during exercise

• It helps prevent cramping

• It helps prevent arrhythmias

• It helps prevent twitching

• It helps prevent tremors

• It helps prevent constipation

• It helps prevent vascular calcification

• It helps prevent insomnia

• It helps prevent insulin resistance

• It helps prevent high blood pressure

• It protects the kidneys

• It helps prevent edema

• It counters sodium toxicity

• It helps make stomach acid

• It helps prevent gout

Causes of a potassium deficiency:

• A lack of potassium in the diet

• Vomiting

• Diarrhea

• Diuretics

• Stress

• Sugar

• Refined carbs

• Keto

• Alcohol

• Consuming excess fluids

• Sweating

• Diabetes

• Fasting

The best sources of potassium:

• Leafy greens (7-10 cups per day)

• Avocados

• Salmon

• Nuts and nut butters

• Seeds

• An electrolyte powder high in potassium

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