Breaking Bad Old Habits Part 2

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Breaking Bad Old Habits (Part 1) ➡

Need some motivation to break bad old habits related to your diet? Check this out!


0:00 Old bad habits

0:25 A deeper look at a popular carbohydrate product

4:50 The big problem

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This is part two of how to break bad habits related to diet and exercise. In this video, I want to increase your awareness of certain carbs.

Let’s say you consume a popular cupcake product. The ingredient list is filled with things that are far from good for you and may even be very harmful. The nutrition label was no better. Keep in mind, when reading a label, you have to consider the serving size. So, you need to multiply the sugar, carbs, etc. by the number of servings you consume.

When we combine refined fat with refined sugar, it creates a compound that plugs everything up. If you eat fat with refined sugar, the body will metabolize the sugar as a priority over the fat. The fat will be left un-oxidized. Un-oxidized fat can increase the risk of insulin resistance, which can cause many health problems.

Eating these foods without exercising can also cause a lot of excess fuel to be crammed into the mitochondria. Without burning it, you could get a lot of free radicals and oxidants. These refined fats and refined sugars also don’t have antioxidants to counter this situation. The body makes antioxidants. But, there are a few tissues in the body that don’t have a lot of antioxidants.

This includes the:

• Retinas

• Inside of the arteries

• Brain and nerves

• Kidney cells

• Beta cells in the pancreas

A lot of extra damage can be caused to these tissues when you overload the system with too much fuel, oxidation, and free radicals. There is too much fuel producing too much damage without any ability for the body to protect itself. So, the body develops insulin resistance as a protective mechanism. But, the problem with this is that it can lead to a series of other issues.


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