Are Low Calorie Diets Making Us Fat

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

What is it about food that makes some people skinny and other people fat?

Does how much you weigh really depend on the amount of calories in the food you eat? I mean, we know that excessive calories turn into fat, right?

Or do they?

Here’s an idea that I want to share with you: “People don’t lose weight and get healthy; they first must get healthy before losing weight”

Now let that sink in. It’s heavy information.

This could explain why some of your relatives can eat more than you and they never gain an ounce, while all you have to do is look at food and you gain 10 pounds.

What creates health has little to do with calories and a lot to do with the nutrients in those calories – nutrients being vitamins and minerals. The derivation of the word ‘food’ comes from the Latin word for ‘nourishment’, and nutrients are the things in a food that give us nourishment.

However, due to the severe drop in nutrients in our foods over the last decade, which by the way corresponds with the exact rise in obesity, it is becoming more difficult to get even the minimum amount of RDAs in our diet. To get your daily RDAs for potassium, you would have to consume 10 bananas. And then, to make things worse, many people take synthetic vitamins, which come from petroleum, not food.

So, what do unsuspecting people do to achieve weight loss?

They follow the mainstream recommendations – portion control and cutting calories. From a nutrient viewpoint, this is starvation. The body will hold fat as a protective mechanism if it doesn’t get the nutrients it needs.

One way to get these nutrients is with my SuperNutrients. Take a look at the list of ingredients. They are all food-based and extremely high nutrient-based foods. You don’t see the typical chemical binders, only foods, and organic ingredients. Feel free to compare these ingredients to your regular vitamins and chances are that none of them will list any food ingredients despite saying they are all-natural. Companies are allowed to claim that their products are all-natural if they have a mere 10% natural ingredients in their products. Only 10%!

In nature, vitamins never come in individual parts, like in synthetics. In nature, vitamins come in complexes. The only reason someone would sell synthetics is that they are so inexpensive, and there’s so much more profit to be made.

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