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Adrenal Stress and Your Sleep

By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Adrenal Stress and Your Sleep

If you feel an abnormal amount of stress in your life, you will no doubt realize that it will affect your sleep. This can actually cause a complicated pattern to emerge, because both of these issues tend to affect one another. People with poorer sleep will naturally feel more stressed during the day. Whenever you feel this kind of stress, it will invariably distrurb your sleep at night. There are even some people with Adrenal problems that can complicate matters even further. 

The first thing to realize is that you tend to sleep in cycles. The longer you sleep, the more cycles that you can enter during the night. Some phases of these cycles are able to eliminate stress from the body naturally. This is why many doctors tend to place an emphasis on getting as much REM stage sleep as possible. You will want to ensure that you can get this kind of sleep for yourself, especialy if you are a high stress individual.

There are some individuals that tend to be just burnt out and lacking energy throughout the day. Others may feel high levels of energy, but are feeling pushed to their limits because of this. Monitoring these levels may actually help you moderate these levels and feel better throughout the day. Make sure you take a look at the section on monitoring activation energy and recovery energy.

Finally, pay close attention to how the Adrenal gland circuits in your body tend to store stress. If you have overactive Adrenal circuits, you may notice that you tend to feel more stressed overall. There are actually many different strategies you may want to use to cope with these issues. Advice from Dr. Berg can change the quality of sleep you get and reduce the stress you feel in your life.


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