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Adrenal Fatigue during Menopause

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Adrenal Fatigue during Menopause

The Relationship between Adrenal Fatigue and Menopause

If you are getting in your late 40’s or you just got in your 50’s, you may experience a lot of internal changes in your body.

During menopause, you’ll have a transition where the ovaries are not working as much. As a result, the adrenal would act as a backup because it produces very similar hormones.

If the adrenal is tired or weak going into menopause, you are going to notice things happening in your body such as:

  • More belly fat

  • Loss of collagen – nails, tone of the skin, loose skin

  • You might feel like you are getting older faster.

  • Your mood will be affected. All the hormones are strained like serotonin in the adrenal.

  • Sleep pattern is off.

  • Hot flashes and night sweats

If you are noticing these menopausal symptoms, it's purely because the adrenal gland is the weak link and cannot do the work of the ovaries.

I recommend taking the Sleep Aid Formula which has recovery nutrients. It helps build the adrenal gland itself and helps alleviate these symptoms. 

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