Acupressure for a Nose Injury

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Have you ever had a nose injury? Perhaps you had a sports accident, took a spill and hit your face, or needed surgery for one reason or another. If you've had lingering symptoms since then, like a runny nose, stuffiness in the head, or pain, it may be time to consider this easy, simple trick. By doing a powerful technique called acupressure, nose injury symptoms can be relieved in just a few minutes. All in the comfort of your own home with no special tools required.

In this article, I will cover:


What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a treatment that is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. It is strongly related to acupuncture, and it works with the same acupuncture points and meridians. But instead of using needles, it uses manual pressure.

The basic principle of this treatment is to clear blockages and improve flow. The theory behind it is that disease and trauma create blockages that prevent proper flow and communication in the body. Acupressure is meant to help the body turn its own natural healing mechanisms back on.

It allows the body to get back into a full flow state, with the nervous system, lymphatic system, and blood flowing clearly. It helps to clear away blockage issues and help people find relief from various symptoms or conditions.

When you do acupressure, you use your hands and fingers to put pressure on particular areas of the body. It can be done on the feet, the arms, the facial bones, the neck muscles, and more. Sometimes you may focus on particular pressure points that have certain desired effects, and sometimes you may focus your work on healing an old injured area.

It is a simple, non-invasive tool that you can either do on yourself or have a loved one perform on you instead.

A man does acupressure with his fingers on a woman’s face near her nose | Acupressure for a Nose Injury

What kinds of nose injuries will it work for?

Acupressure can be used for a wide range of injuries, including those relating to your nose. Whether you've been hit in the face, had sinus surgery, or been a part of some kind of accident, it is a great choice.

Here is a list of some common injuries or situations where it might be useful.

  • Being hit in the face by a ball during a sports game.
  • Falling and hitting your face.
  • Having sinus surgery.
  • Getting nose surgeries for diseases or disorders of this area.
  • Getting punched.
  • Having other trauma in the area.

After the initial injury and trauma, there will often be lingering symptoms. For example, many people experience stuffy nose, runny nose, pain, headache, fatigue in the head, sinus issues, and other symptoms.

If you are experiencing these kinds of uncomfortable symptoms, consider acupressure. It is an effective, easy, and simple home remedy.

A man in a striped shirt with a bandage over his nose injury.

How does it help with this kind of trauma?

When the body is injured or experiences any form of trauma, you lose communication in that area. And when you lose communication, you lose function to one degree or another.

Trauma gets stuck in the tissues around the hurt area. Until you are able to release that tension and those blockages, things will never be quite right in the part of your body that you once hurt.

Trauma gets stuck in the tissues around the hurt area. Until you are able to release that tension and those blockages, things will never be quite right in the part of your body that you once hurt.


A how-to guide for using acupressure for a nose injury

If you are interested in trying this technique for yourself, then you are in luck. It is easy to do at home once you have learned the basic steps. It doesn't require any special equipment, tools, or space. And it is completely free, making it such a great resource to lean on.

For a detailed visual guide, please watch the video above. In it, I show you exactly how to use this effective treatment for injuries to the nose.

Here is a step-by-step guide to using acupressure.

Step 1.

Sit in a comfortable chair. If you are doing this for yourself, you may want to sit in front of a mirror to help get a good visual of your face. Or, you may prefer to gather the help of a loved one to do the acupressure treatment for you.

Step 2.

Using your fingers, locate the bone just to the side of your nose underneath your eye. The force of an injury will travel to the next bone over, so we will start there to release the old tension.

Apply pressure to that bone with your finger, pressing firmly. As you continue to press, direct the pressure inwards towards the nose as if you are trying to slide towards it. You will likely feel a bit of tenderness or slight pain underneath your fingertips.

Continue pressing inwards and towards the middle. Hold here for a few minutes.

Step 3.

Switch sides. Repeat Step 2 on the other side of the nose. Apply pressure to that bone, and push inwards towards the middle. Hold that position for a few minutes.

Step 4.

Finally, you want to work on the area above your nose. Take your fingers or thumbs and apply pressure to the area between your eyebrows. Use your muscles to press gently down towards the nose from the top. Again, do this for a few minutes.

Repeat steps 1-4 as needed daily until your symptoms have subsided.

These four steps will help to release the old tension that has been stuck in the area since the trauma. Trauma tends to really dig its heels in and get stuck, so it needs to be released. Pressing on the pressure points in the way described above will help to get things moving again. And as a result, it will help you get rid of pain, stuffiness, aches, and fatigue in the area.


What will it feel like afterward?

When you have stimulated these points, you will likely feel a distinct difference in the area. And it will give you great relief.

Some of the sensations you might experience include:

  • Having more space.
  • Feeling more clarity.
  • Having things opened up in the area.
  • Having a heaviness lifted that has been there a long time.
  • Feeling of lightness.
  • Having things flowing much better.
  • Releasing of stuck tension.

Even if the injury occurred years ago, there is hope to get rid of your symptoms and experience relief. The great news is that these positive benefits are right at your fingertips. With just a few minutes of using this easy treatment, you can relieve long-standing symptoms. How much easier can it get?

What else is acupressure useful for?

This technique can be used for a wide range of other conditions, health issues, and concerns. You can try using acupressure points for everything from reducing stress to supporting your liver.

Here is a list of some of my favorite uses of this easy home remedy:

Click on the links above for easy how-to guides. In short videos, I explain how to use acupressure for each of the concerns.

Give this simple technique a try

Acupressure points are not widely used, but they should be. It is a shame that not many people know that the power of relief from old injuries, including those relating to the nose, is literally right at your fingertips.

If you are dealing with symptoms from old trauma, give this easy, quick remedy a try. Use the simple technique explained above to get rid of fogginess, sinus headaches or sinus issues, stuffy noses, and more.

I've seen people use pressure points to make dramatic shifts in their symptoms. It really does work, and it works exceptionally well. Why not give it a try and see for yourself?

Have you ever tried using acupressure points? What was your experience? I would love to see your comments below sharing how it works for you.

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