A1C is a Good Predictor of Many Diseases

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

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A1C is a really good predictor of all sorts of diseases. An A1C test is a test that gives you feedback on your average blood sugars over 2-3 months. It measures glycated hemoglobin. Glucose that has stuck to the protein in red blood cells creates glycated hemoglobin. The quantity of sugar and protein combining together will raise your A1C.

In my opinion, the A1C test is better than a one-time glucose test because it tells you what’s happening over a period of time. I also believe that high A1C is basically caused by a high-carb diet.

There are many disease processes that can occur when you have high A1C. This is because high sugar can create a lot of oxidation and problems with all sorts of tissues.

But, there are four main tissues that high glucose effects:

1. Combination of the brain and nervous system

2. The kidneys

3. The eyes

4. The arteries

How to help improve A1C:

• Reduce complications from glycation (take fat-soluble vitamin B1 in the form of benfotiamine)

• Reduce carbs

• Reduce frequency of eating (intermittent fasting)



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