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17 Ways to Get More Veggies Into Your Diet

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg November 19, 2013

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Creative Tips to Get & Make Your Veggies Less Boring


1.      Kale shakes – add kale, fruit, and blend.


2.      Cut down your salad to make it easier to make.


3.      Broccoli, cauliflower, and melted cheese (Melting Pot Restaurant)

4.      Steam a good amount of spinach (cooks down), add kidney beans (canned), sea salt, pepper, and garlic.

5.      Cut tomatoes with basil and ranch dressing.

6.      Cut celery, carrots, and cucumbers with ranch dressing dip, or hummus, or pesto.

7.      Zucchini shaved as pasta with pasta sauce works.


8.      Spaghetti squash with pasta sauce

9.      Grilled Zucchini with olive oil and sea salt. Also, grill mushrooms, peppers, and onions.

10.   Put lots of veggies in omelets.

11.   Baked kale chips

12.   Green powders (wheatgrass juice powder)


13.   Instant Kale shakes (has kale and pea protein)



14.   Focus on your favorite veggies like peas.

15.   Vegetable soup

16.   Pizza with the crust made with cauliflower


17.   Juice vegetables, but you would have to add only small amounts of fruits.

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