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#1 Early Sign of Toxic Kidneys

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Find out the #1 early sign of toxic kidneys and the most important things you can do if you have kidney damage.

0:00 Introduction: How to spot toxic kidneys

0:10 What do the kidneys do?

0:53 A common cause of chronic kidney disease

1:55 The #1 early sign of toxic kidneys

3:16 #2 Frequent urination

4:08 #3 Ammonia-smelling urine, body odor, and breath

4:53 #4 Foamy urine

5:10 #5 Feeling cold all of the time

5:27 #6 Itchy skin

5:35 #7 Fatigue

5:48 The best diet for toxic kidneys

7:40 Check out my video on foods that support the kidneys!

Let’s talk about how to spot the early signs of toxic kidneys.

The kidneys filter blood, removing or recycling waste and converting the blood into urine. Other functions of the kidneys include controlling blood pressure and bone growth, as well as supporting the red blood cells.

The most common cause of kidney disease is diabetic nephropathy. The kidneys are basically made up of tiny filters called nephrons. Diabetic nephropathy is a disease of the nephrons. A high-sugar diet can lead to the destruction of these nephrons.

The #1 early sign of toxic kidneys:

• Decreased urine output

Other early signs of toxic kidneys:

• Frequent urination

• Ammonia-smelling urine, body odor, and breath

• Foamy urine

• Feeling cold all of the time

• Itchy skin

• Fatigue

What you can do for toxic kidneys:

1. Go on a low-carb diet and get your carbs from vegetables

2. Stop drinking alcohol

3. Consume a moderate amount of protein

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