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Zinc L-Carnosine and Gut Inflammation

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 09/03/2021

If you have any inflammation in your gut, you need to know more about this natural remedy.


0:00 Zinc L-carnosine for gut issues

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Today we’re going to talk about a unique type of zinc called zinc L-carnosine and its effects on gut inflammation and gut disorders. This zinc complex is significantly better than other forms of zinc complexes for gut issues.

This complex even works better than if you were to take zinc and L-carnosine separately. Gastric ulcers are a Zinc deficiency. You would want to take it as one supplement. It can give you major anti-inflammatory effects.

People typically take L-carnosine for the:

• Heart

• Brain

• Nerves

• Eyes

Benefits of zinc L-carnosine for the gut:

1. It supports the mucus barrier of the gut

2. It’s powerful for ulcers that are anywhere in your digestive tract

3. It’s good for GERD

4. It’s good for IBD (irritable bowel disease)

5. It’s good for leaky gut

6. It’s good for inflammation in your esophagus, small intestines, and large bowel

7. It can help increase GI wound healing


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