Weight Loss Is Only a Small Part of Health

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Weight Loss Is Only a Small Part of Health

There is a reason why you should never focus on your weight directly in a weight loss program.

There’s a guy that went from 191 pounds to 188 pounds between December and January. So, that’s only 3 pounds of weight lost and most of the time, people lose more than that. It might look like a failure to lose only 3 pounds in a month but when you look at his body fat, he went from 64 pounds to 54 pounds. That is 7 lbs of body fat, gone.

The question is: How can you lose 7 pounds of body fat but you have only lost 3 pounds in weight? Doesn’t make sense.

It makes sense if you look at his muscle gain – he went from 120 pounds to 127 pounds which is an increase of 7 lbs of muscle - losing all the fat and gaining muscle. This is a major health improvement on the inside.


You can’t just focus on weight because it is just a symptom of something else.

1. Never treat the symptom. Get to the root cause.

2. You have to get healthy first then lose the weight. A healthy body doesn’t gain weight.

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