Viruses and Stress and How They Can Affect You

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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Viruses, interestingly, are not alive. They could be compared to a floppy disk with pre-programmed instructions. They lie dormant until they can be injected into the cell, like inserting a floppy disk into the computer drive. Viruses become alive or active when your cells allow them to come through the door. They can be inserted into your cells when your resistance to viruses becomes weakened.

Viruses depend on your cells for their life force. They can only reproduce off your cellular material. All a virus has is the blueprint, or a copy of the blueprint, to reproduce, and nothing else. The copy machine is in your cells. Viruses have NO power over you unless your cells give them access to the copy machine.

You can never fully kill viruses because they are not alive in the first place. They instead go into inactive mode or what is called 'remission'.

So, what is the real cause of this problem?


If you keep your immune system strong, no viruses can penetrate. What is the immune system? It is the body’s defense mechanism against disease, infection, and foreign substances. It is composed of several organs and glands: the liver (deactivator of immune cells), bone marrow (producer of immune cells), the thymus (training camp for white blood cells), the adrenals (anti-inflammation and immune cell effects), the spleen (immune cell recycling center), and the lymph nodes (location where it all happens).

The biggest thing that lowers cell resistance is SUGAR. That is the worst thing to consume when you’re feeling run-down. But what do we give children when they’re sick or in the hospital? Jell-O, ice cream, etc. That’s why you develop mucus and sinus congestion the next morning after eating BBQ ribs or chicken. There are lots of sugar in the sauce.

The next biggest item that lowers resistance is stress. Ever notice that stress precedes getting sick? Other than moving to a desert island, you could do the following: (1) do aerobic exercise one hour per day; (2) get extra sleep each night (8 hours); and (3) associate with people who support and lift you.

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