Use Keto to Normalize Your Period

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Did you know you can use keto to normalize your period? Check this out! 


0:00 Irregular periods and the keto diet

0:15 Causes of amenorrhea

0:45 Insulin resistance and amenorrhea

1:30 How keto can help with amenorrhea

3:23 Share your success story! 

Let’s talk about how you can use the keto diet to get your period back to normal. Women who have missed three cycles in a row may have a condition called amenorrhea. 

Potential causes of amenorrhea:

• Nutrient deficiency 

• Weight loss (in an unhealthy way)

• Weight gain 

• Hormonal disruption 

• Stress (high sympathetic or low parasympathetic) 

• Diabetes 

Insulin resistance is actually a huge potential cause of amenorrhea. With insulin resistance, you have too much insulin. High insulin suppresses a certain compound that can cause you not to have a menstrual cycle. 

The ketogenic diet can help lower insulin and fix insulin resistance. You would need to lower your carbs and do intermittent fasting. There are many other benefits of doing the keto diet and running your body on ketones related to your menstrual cycle.

Benefits of ketones for the menstrual cycle:

1. Lowers inflammation (increasing fertility)

2. Improves HPA axis (lowers stress)

3. Helps balance neurotransmitters (increasing GABA lowers fight or flight)

4. Supports the brain (improves the hypothalamus and therefore the menstrual cycle)



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