The Worst Therapy for Tendons is Rest

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 10/08/2021

The worst therapy for tendon repair is rest! Find out what the best therapy for tendon repair actually is. 


0:00 Tendon problems explained 

0:10 Should you rest a tendon problem? 

0:42 The normal treatment for tendon repair 

0:50 The best therapy for tendon repair 

1:06 Is inflammation a trigger for tendon problems? 

1:28 Share your success story! 

Today, we’re going to talk a little bit about tendons and tendon therapy. One thing you don’t want to do for a chronic tendon problem is to rest it. 

In some interesting data by Jill Cook, she talks about a study comparing an abnormal, dysfunctional tendon and a normal tendon. In the dysfunctional tendon, there was some thickening, but it also had more normal tissue than the normal tendon. This means that the person would have plenty of good tissue for low training or resistance type training. 

The typical therapy for tendon repair includes:

• Rest

• Ice 

• Heat 

• Manual therapy 

• Stretching 

The types of therapy treatments for tendon repair above may not get you anywhere. But, with low training, where you put the body under low gradual stress, gradually increasing the load on the tendon, the body can adapt. 

She also talks about how the inflammatory process doesn’t really trigger tendon problems. This could explain why things like rest, ice, and heat don’t help tendon problems. 



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