The MOST Important Video for Pregnant Women

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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Learn more about the importance of healthy eating, especially during pregnancy.

0:00 Introduction: The deeper cause of genetic malformations

1:40 Nutrition and pregnancy

5:20 Micronutrients and your genes

7:55 Nutrients missing in our food

11:20 A typical child's diet

11:45 At what age did you start eating healthy?

13:25 Check out my video on what to eat that's nutrient-dense!

Let's talk about the relationship between micronutrients and your genes, and the importance of getting these micronutrients in your diet—especially while pregnant.

Many people think that if they have bad genes, they just have to cope with the situation. But, you can control your genes through epigenetics by committing to different lifestyle changes.

The most crucial time to eat right is when you're pregnant. During this time, the baby is entirely dependent on the mother's nutrients. If something is missing, it can create a devastating chain reaction in the child's future existence.

Nutrients, especially trace minerals, are essential for enzymes and proteins to work. This doesn't just apply to metabolism and building a body, but also the repair enzymes within the DNA.

A genetic mutation is a change in your code that can occur from either being exposed to a toxin or having a micronutrient deficiency. One big problem is that our food is grown on soils missing certain nutrients, which could lead to deficiencies and have devastating effects.

Overall, we have not given enough emphasis on micronutrients and their importance in making sure our genes are stable. If you're not already, it's time to start eating healthy and getting the right micronutrients, especially if you're pregnant.



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