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The Adrenal Body Type Kit

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

To better understand your body type first take the body type quiz. If you are an Adrenal Body Type this Adrenal Body Type Kit contains essential supplements for the adrenal body type. This kit comes with the Adrenal Night Formula. It’s an adrenal rejuvenator, targeting the causes of sleep deprivation or insomnia, particularly the stress levels incurred throughout the day. 

It also comes with the Adrenal Day Formula, intended to get rid of the internal tension brought about by stress. This is perfect for people with low-stress tolerance as it calms down the nervous system. The next formula is for the gallbladder, which is good for the digestive system – from the stomach to the liver. Bloating and digestive inflammations can now be avoided with the use of this supplement.

Another product in the kit is the Trace Minerals – a product extracted from prehistoric plants, dating as far back as 70 million years ago.


These are essential minerals that we need to consume in smaller amounts. Lastly, there are the 7 Principles of Fat Burning, which is the 7-year project compilation of Dr. Berg’s 25 years of being a medical practitioner.

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