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The #1 Top Selling Multivitamin in the World

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023



Find out what’s really in the top-selling multivitamin in the world. 


0:00 The top-selling multivitamin 

0:25 The problem with synthetic vitamins and minerals 

1:10 What’s in a multivitamin?

3:38 Synthetic ingredients vs. authentic ingredients 

6:15 Share your success story! 

Let’s talk about the top-selling multivitamin in the world. They use mostly elemental minerals in this multivitamin, which don’t absorb well in the body, are very inexpensive, and are not sourced from plants. 

Synthetic vitamins are also not the same form as the vitamin or mineral that comes from nature, and they won’t absorb well in the body. 

What’s really in the top-selling multivitamin in the world:

• Calcium carbonate (not very bioavailable)

• Magnesium oxide (not a good form for absorption) 

• Ascorbic acid (synthetic)

• Dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate (synthetic)

• Cyanocobalamin (synthetic)

• Thiamine mononitrate (synthetic)

• Zinc oxide (most insoluble form)

Other ingredients in the top-selling multivitamin in the world:

• Corn starch

• Modified corn starch 

• Maltodextrin 

• BHT (a preservative)

• Polyethylene glycol 

• Titanium oxide (whitener—used in varnish, paint, and plastic, and is considered a possible carcinogen by the IARC and not safe in food sources by the EFSA)

• Red 2 lake/ Red 40 / Yellow 6 lake 

In my opinion, this multivitamin product is not even a true multivitamin. It’s some artificial thing that resembles a multivitamin. 

My products contain vitamins and minerals that come from actual food sources like broccoli, tomatoes, and shiitake mushrooms. Synthetic is very different than a vitamin from a food source. Vitamins from nature come in complexes and have no chemical residues. 

When you buy a vitamin, read the label, including the ingredients. If you can’t pronounce the words on the ingredient list, then it’s probably synthetic. 


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