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Reduce Sinus Stress

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Sinus congestion is like having stuffy nose plus the painful sinuses. It could be caused by a sinus infection or allergies. Though it may sound like a trivial condition, it actually makes your daily routines difficult and miserable. There are several preventive and management tips to help you breathe well, but in this video, we’ll take a look at how we can open up the passages using acupressure.

No needles are needed in acupressure. You’d only need to apply pressure on the pressure points for relief. In this case, the pressure should be applied at the second vertebra. We have seven bones in the neck and each part correlate with the different organs and glands. C2 or the second vertebra connects to the sinus passages, thus there’s a direct connection neurologically.

Looking at Dr. Berg’s demonstration of the procedure, at the back of the head, you can feel the end of the skull. Going down, you can already feel the first vertebra and below it is the pressure point. You can either have someone do the acupressure for you or do it yourself using a massage tool.

Using thumb and the middle finger, directly press at the second vertebra and you’d likely feel a kind of a knot if they have sinus problems. It’s going to be as hard as a rock, so use the other hand and put it on the forehead, holding it against the pressure at the back. Keep pressing like a scissor lightly. In two minutes, they’ll start breathing better.

Another sinus relief technique is make the pH level drop. The normal pH balance in the body is between 7.36 – 7.44. When the pH goes a little above 7.44, it becomes too alkaline and you start getting more allergies, arthritis and more histamine. The best way to drop the pH level is by giving someone something acidic like apple cider vinegar. Lemon juice also works well together with apple cider. Mix a teaspoon of each to your water.

Vitamin A supports the mucous membranes, the inner skin of the sinuses, the respiratory tract and all the way down. With vitamin A, the inflammation is reduced in the sinuses. Other than carrots, kale is the best source of this vitamin. Drinking kale shakes every morning helps with your breathing and sleeping. Sleep apnea is caused by congested sinus and reducing the mucous membrane swelling would cause the best relief.


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