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Postmenopausal Women Need More Butter and Egg Yolks

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/30/2023

Dr. Berg’s Vitamin D3 & K2:

If you’re postmenopausal, you may want to avoid calcium supplements and do this instead!


0:00 Why postmenopausal women need more butter and egg yolks

0:20 Avoid calcium supplements 

0:40 Foods rich in vitamin K2 

1:40 Vitamin K2 benefits

3:02 Bulletproof your immune system *free course! 

Postmenopausal women need more butter and egg yolks. Why? Because they’re at risk for osteoporosis and osteopenia. Their hormones have shifted, and they’re in a situation where they need to build bone. 

Most postmenopausal women go straight for the calcium supplements, like calcium carbonate, to build bone. But this is a mistake. This could potentially increase the risk of heart attacks. The vitamin they may really need more of is vitamin K2. It’s also important not to go on a low-fat diet. 

Great sources of vitamin K2:

• Grass-fed butter 

• Egg yolks

• Organ meats 

• Cheese 

• Dark chicken meat 

• Fish eggs

• Natto 

• Breast milk 

• Lard

• Tallow 

Benefits of vitamin K2: 

• It binds calcium with protein 

• It controls calcium into the bone 

• It decreases calcification in the arteries

• It strengthens the bones 

• It can support healthy blood sugar levels 

• It can decrease the risk of kidney stones 

• It can decrease the risk of cancer 

• It can decrease the risk of dementia 

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