Lose Weight After Childbirth

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

If you are a new mum, then you must be eager to hang your maternity clothes back to where they belong if you are not happy with the weight that you have gained. There are a few cases where new mothers like their new curves and would like to maintain their new weight. However, in most cases, the mothers would rather return to their original sizes before they gained the weight. The following are some of the tips that new mothers who are struggling with weight gain can use to lose the weight:

  • The first thing that they should do is to evaluate their eating habits. When you were pregnant, you focused on giving your baby proper nutrition. Now that your baby is born, you should also focus on giving your body the nutrition that it requires. You should focus on eating healthier foods such as vegetables, fruits, and lean protein sources. Foods that are also rich in fiber should also be included in your diet. You can also include food that are rich in calcium such as dairy products that are low-fat.
  • Most people would tell you to avoid eating junk food but it is better to indulge in your favorite junk in low quantities. If you used to have a chocolate bar, then you should reduce and eat only a small piece a day. You could also reduce the amount of biscuits and other junk foods that you used to eat. With time, you can see yourself losing extra pounds for every cookie that you do not eat. This is a practical advice because most people find it hard to just drop the habit altogether. Therefore. rather than dropping the habit all at once, it should be done gradually.
  • Contrary to popular belief, skipping meals has never really helped anyone to lose weight. All it does is to make people gain more weight because the body eventually adjusts and stores extra fat to compensate for the missed meals.


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