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Key Foods for Parkinson's Disease

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Check out these key foods for Parkinson's disease!


0:00 What is Parkinson's disease?

1:24 Key foods for Parkinson's disease

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In this video, I want to cover the foods you may want to start eating if you have Parkinson's disease or if you want to help prevent Parkinson's disease.

Parkinson's disease involves the degeneration of certain neurons in the brain that make dopamine.

Parkinson's disease can cause:

• Loss of memory

• Tremors

• Muscle rigidity

• Confusion

There is a certain protein in the brain that inhibits the proteins that protect the brain against the oxidation that can lead to certain degenerative diseases. But, another compound, called farnesol, can deactivate the protein that inhibits the protective proteins. This allows the protective proteins to help prevent Parkinson's disease and other degenerative diseases. Farnesol is in certain types of foods.

The best foods for Parkinson's disease:

1. Berries

2. Vegetables (especially tomatoes)

3. Herbs (lemongrass, chamomile, rose, and musk)

4. Essential oils (citronella)




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