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Keto vs Atkins: How Similar Is The Atkins Diet To The Keto Diet?

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 12/10/2023

Woman Looking Inside Refrigerator | Keto vs Atkins: How Similar Is The Atkins Diet To The Keto Diet?

Today, I will explain to you the keto vs Atkins diet debate so you’ll know which one comes on top and will be better suited for you.

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In this article:

  1. The Atkins Diet Became Popular First Before the Keto Diet

  2. The Atkins Diet Regimen

  3. The Best Low-Carb Diet

Everything You Need to Know About the Keto Vs Atkins Diet


The Atkins Diet Became Popular First Before the Keto Diet

Before the ketogenic diet became so popular among dieters wanting to lose weight and arguably one of the best methods of dieting and losing weight, there was the Atkins diet. Compared to the Atkins diet, keto is like the new kid on the block, requiring healthy fats, like nuts and seeds, and high amounts of low-carb vegetables and fruits in your calorie intake while on the meal plan.

The Atkins diet was first created and recommended by a cardiologist. This happened almost half a century ago. For the majority of that period, it was considered the most optimum method of dieting. Atkins is a subtype of low-carb diets, just like the keto diet.

Here’s how keto vs Atkins diet differs in their own ways.


The Atkins Diet Regimen

The first difference between keto and Atkins is that the Atkins diet is a little harder to follow because it is divided into four phases. Each phase has its own weight loss diet plan, so you’re not sticking to the same plan for the duration of your diet. What’s great about having four phases is that the 4th phase is the maintenance phase that prevents you from regaining weight after you stop dieting. Here are the four phases of the Atkins diet:

  • Induction phase: This is the first phase, and it lasts between one to two weeks. During induction, your carb intake should be less than 20 grams per day. During these few weeks, you should eat lots of proteins. Your liver can convert these proteins into glucose, preventing you from entering ketosis.

Glucose Definition: A type of sugar the human body uses for energy. When this travels through the bloodstream to the cells, it's what we call blood sugar.

  • Balancing phase: This phase starts after the induction phase and ends when you’re 10 pounds away from your desired weight. Naturally, the duration of this phase varies from one person to the other. In addition to eating low-carb foods, you can also introduce some moderate-carb foods to your regimen.

  • Pre-maintenance phase: This phase only ends when you reach your desired weight. You can start introducing high-carb foods here but only in moderation. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. If you notice your progress is declining, then it might be time to take a step back and reconsider how many grams of carbs you’re eating.

  • Maintenance phase: Once you’re done dieting after reaching your target weight, this phase will help stabilize your body. Set a daily limit of carbohydrates and calculate your net carbs from your daily calories to keep you from gaining back some of the lost weight.

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The Best Low-Carb Diet

Woman getting ready to prepare nutritious dinner | Keto vs Atkins: How Similar Is The Atkins Diet To The Keto Diet?

The modified Atkins diet was one of the best low-carb diets for a very long time, but things have changed since the keto diet emerged. For starters, keto, a low-carbohydrate diet, is much easier to follow since your dietary regimen will be consistent throughout your diet. People can’t help but compare ketogenic diet vs Atkins diet because they are both low-carb-based. 

Additionally, as you’ve seen in the Atkins diet, you start to increase your carbohydrate intake as you progress through the phases. This can have a detrimental effect on your weight loss progress. The ketogenic diet, on the other hand, restricts carbs from day 1 until you decide to stop dieting. A persistent cutback on carbs and sugar on this high-fat diet will induce a state of ketosis, resulting in fat breakdown.

They say old is gold, but that’s not always the case, like in the keto vs Atkins diet. When it comes to low-carb diets, the Atkins diet may not be fairly as good as the keto diet. Apart from all the science and technicalities, some people who tried both diets say they lost more weight while on the keto diet.

Now you have a better overview of the keto vs Atkins diet, you can assess which one suits your long-term weight loss journey best. Take a look at the testimonials on our keto before and after page. The important thing is to first understand how each diet works to ready yourself before starting the meal plan.


Which diet plan are you following or interested in trying? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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