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Blog >> IDr Bergs Schedule to Do the Dr Oz Show But THEN This Happens

IDr Bergs Schedule to Do the Dr Oz Show But THEN This Happens

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This show on body types:

What Dr. Oz recommends for the Ovary Type:

1. Bread - because it has fiber

2. Dairy - the exact thing that adds more estrogen (unless it's from a grass-fed and hormone-free animal, which was not even mentioned!

Bad advice!


Here's what you should do to regulate estrogen:

1. Make sure your meat, cheeses, etc, are organic

2. Cruciferous vegetables (kale) are anti-estrogenic.

3. Sea kelp helps regulate estogen - this is why it's good for menstural cycles, ovarian cysts, fibroids, and fibrocystic breasts.


Understand nutrition and see more Health and Wellness Advice from Dr. Berg Video Blog.

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