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Hypertension Vitamin K2 and D3 Success Story

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/04/2015

In this video, a patient talks about his success story when he underwent a nutritional recommendation program by Dr. Berg. He was suffering from hypertension, so he was taking several medications, which he never gave up throughout the program. Dr. Berg works alongside the physician, working on the nutrition part to improve their help and eventually lower medications.

Among the medicines he was prescribed to take were Lipitor Beta Blocker and Norwex. His blood pressure that time was around 160 over 110. He was then introduced to D3 and K2 as dietary supplements along with the kale shake; his blood pressure kept on going down.

As a result, his physician kept on reducing the dosage of the medicines. Right now, he’s completely off the medication. He’s taken four D3 and four K2 every day. His blood pressure is completely normal. Now, it’s 120 by 75.

Vitamins D3 in K2 don’t directly fix the blood pressure problem. What they do is they mobilize calcium in the arteries. The mineral actually plugs up of the vessels and they make them hardened arteries, so the blood pressure goes up. Not only will these vitamins clean your bloodstream, but they also clean through the carotid and the neck up to the brain.

As a matter of fact, the patient had excess calcium all over his body. His hygienist told him that there was a buildup, sticking to his teeth. At times, the excess calcium gets through the pores, and one patient even had some out the tear duct. One of the medications for hypertension is calcium channel blockers. Thus, calcium levels are good indicators of overall health.

This is just another one of the success stories of Dr. Berg’s patients. They didn’t only experience getting better from illnesses, but also achieved an overall improvement in their health.


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