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Fat burning Exercises That Really Work

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Fat-burning Exercise Gets Rid of 450 Percent More Weight

I’m often asked about which fat-burning exercises are the best. Regardless of your choice of exercises, the factor that activates fat-burning hormones better than any other is intensity. It does not matter how long you go, but instead how hard you work, since intensity is more important that your duration. Growth hormones are the main fat burning hormones your body produces, and are integral for rapid weight loss. High-intensity fa- burning exercises that involve your entire body can activate up to 450 percent more growth hormones. These workouts beat sustained-type treadmill exercises when it comes to producing this helpful hormone. Unfortunately, there is also a catch.

The Zone Chart Confusion

Almost all treadmills come with different built-in buttons for selecting your desired fat-burning intensity level. You will find that most gyms display charts explaining the different zones and levels of intensity for maximal fat burning, but these posters can prove to be rather confusing. They recommend that you should work to increase your pulse rate, as doing so is both good for your heart and for burning fat; however, these charts don’t take into account someone in poor physical shape. If a person is not physically fit, they will have a hard time increasing their pulse rate to 120 before becoming exhausted. On the other hand, someone who is in excellent shape can exercise at a lower intensity level and can raise his pulse rate to 180 without any problems. Because of this discrepancy, selecting fat-burning exercises that depend on a person’s heart rate is not a good way to burn fat.

The Most Important Variable in Fat Burning

Fortunately, there are other options to consider. As previously mentioned, intensity plays a major role in any kind of exercise as it release the most fat-burning hormones into your body. Intense exercise is not for everyone. For those who are extremely out of shape, pushing themselves too much can result in increased body strain and a longer recovery time. Most of the fat burning occurs while your body is in a state of recovery, so it is vital that you allow yourself enough time to do so properly. Also, exercising too intensely for too long works against you, defeating any benefits you would normally receive from your workout, even including fat burning.

The best workout for fat burning involves exercising at a high intensity level for a short duration, along with letting your body get adequate rest. When starting out at first, most people are usually only able to handle 30 seconds of intense exercise at a time, followed up with a three-minute rest period. The pattern of 30 intense seconds followed up by three-minutes of rest should be done for 15 minutes, every other day. This method beats spending  half of the hour walking on a treadmill at a steady pace, as the kind of interval training previously described provides an amazing 450 times more fat burning, thanks to the growth hormone intense exercise releases.

If you are interested in other kinds of exercises, focus on those that involve your entire body working. These types of exercises include sprinting, dancing, jumping rope, and rowing, to name a few.

Fat-burning Triggers

In chapter nine of my book, 'The 7 Principles of Fat Burning', I list the ten most important fat-burning triggers and blockers. I also explain how they can be used to ensure weight loss, including exercise and the foods you eat. This concept is much more in-depth than the reduced calorie intake model of weight loss.

Here are some useful references for comparing the relationship between fat-burning hormones, foods, and exercise.


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