Craving Salt After Eating Sweets? Here's Why

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023


Watch this short video to find out why eating foods with sugar and carbs makes you crave salt.


0:00 Introduction: Salt cravings after eating sweets

0:25 Why do I crave salt after eating sweets?

1:40 Potassium deficiency

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Let’s talk about why you may crave salt after having sweets or carbs. If you have something sweet, your blood glucose is going to rise. When you have high blood sugar, sodium starts leaking out of your cells. In this situation, you’ll also become deficient in potassium.

A symptom of low sodium is salt cravings. You may also develop a headache or have adrenal stress causing you to feel more stressed. Consuming salt will help satisfy the low sodium problem and may even help you feel more relaxed. The cravings and headache may also go away, at least for a little bit.

But, there are typically no cravings when it comes to a low potassium situation. If you only have more salt and don’t consume more potassium, you will create even more of a potassium deficiency. This can lead to all sorts of symptoms. Potassium deficiency symptoms:

• Palpitations

• A loud pounding in the ear

• Difficulty sleeping

• Fatigue

• Feeling out of breath when going up stairs

• Leg cramps

If you’re consuming carbs, don’t forget to get plenty of potassium. You can take a potassium supplement, consume an electrolyte powder, or have a large salad. But, if you’re on the Healthy Keto diet, you’re not eating carbs, and you won’t develop these deficiencies.

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