7 Home DIY Tests for Adrenal Fatigue and STRESS

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

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If you’ve been under a lot of stress, you could have adrenal fatigue. Give these simple home tests for adrenal fatigue a try.

0:00 Introduction: Home tests for adrenal fatigue

1:20 Adrenal fatigue symptoms

2:25 What are the adrenals?

3:09 #1 Ragland’s test

4:15 #2 Iris test

6:19 #3 Hold your breath

6:44 #4 Recovery after exercise

7:29 #5 Ability to tolerate stress

7:50 #6 Ability to go up inclines

8:13 #7 Ability to sleep all night

8:37 Check out my video on what to eat if you have adrenal fatigue!

I want to walk you through some simple home tests you can do to help determine if you may have adrenal fatigue. Unfortunately, adrenal fatigue is not recognized in the medical community. It’s also tough to diagnose because it doesn’t show up on a blood test.

However, the adrenal glands are intimately involved with the autonomic nervous system, and there are a few tests you can do at home to get an idea of what’s going on with your autonomic nervous system and your adrenals.

The adrenals help your body respond to stress. The problem is that many people are under chronic stress, which can affect many different things relating to your health.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue:

• Insomnia

• Dizziness when standing up too fast

• Brain fog

• Low tolerance to stress

• Low libido

• Allergies

• A poor immune system

• Inflammation

• Poor focus

The best home tests for adrenal fatigue (check out the video to learn how to do each test):

1. Ragland’s test

2. Iris test

3. Hold your breath

4. Recovery after exercise

5. Ability to tolerate stress

6. Ability to go up inclines

7. Ability to sleep all night


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