18 Things Your Face Can Tell You about Deep Health Problems

author avatar Dr. Eric Berg 08/31/2023

Find out what your face says about your health!

0:00 Introduction: 18 Things Your Face Can Tell You about Deep Health Problems

1:06 Balding

1:51 Losing outer eyebrows

2:02 Bloodshot eyes

3:04 Dark circles beneath eyes

3:42 Bags beneath eyes

4:18 Oily skin, acne, and female facial hair

5:15 Cataracts

6:57 Red cheeks

8:02 Grey or brown cheeks

8:54 Peeling or flakey skin, dermatitis, dry eyes, dry hair

12:07 Blackheads

2:27 Cracked corners of mouth

13:16 Cold sores

15:58 Rounded face

16:51 Thanks for watching

In this video, we’re going to talk about 18 things your face can tell you about deep health problems and what you can do to help improve your health naturally. Take a look!

1. Balding - A sign of high DHT (testosterone) • Pumpkin seeds • Green tea • Zinc

2. Losing outer eyebrows - A sign of hypothyroidism • Iodine

3. Bloodshot eyes - A sign of liver issues and insulin resistance • Avoid junk food • Avoid alcohol • Get on Healthy keto and IF

4. Dark circles beneath eyes - A sign of insulin resistance • Keto and IF

5. Bags beneath eyes - A sign of blood sugar problems or kidney issues • Keto and IF

6. Oily skin - A sign of high androgens (men) or PCOS (women) • Zinc • Keto and IF

7. Facial hair (women) - A sign of high androgens • Keto and IF

8. Acne - A sign of high androgens • Keto and IF

9. Cataracts - A sign of vitamin deficiency and high insulin • Vitamin A • Vitamin B1 (benfotiamine) • NAC drops • Lower carbs

10. Red cheeks - A sign of Cushing syndrome and high cortisol • Natural antibiotics, including garlic, oregano, thyme, wormwood extract, and sage • Natural probiotics, like sauerkraut

11. Grey or brown cheeks - A sign of melasma and high estrogen • Avoid unnecessary hormone medications • Avoid environmental plastics • Avoid estrogenic chemicals • Use DIM • Consume cruciferous vegetables • Take iodine (sea kelp)

12. Peeling, rough or dry skin, or Dermatitis - Signs of low omega-3s and high omega-6s • Increase fatty fish • Cod liver oil • Avoid chicken, fried foods, nuts, and grains • Avoid junk food

13. Dry eyes - A sign of low omega-3s • Cod liver oil
14. Dry hair - A sign of low omega-3s • Cod liver oil

15. Blackheads - A sign of low vitamin D • Sun exposure • Mushrooms • Supplements

16. Cracked corners of mouth - A sign of low vitamin B2 • Avoid refined flour • Take vitamin B2

17. Cold sores - A sign of HS1 virus infection and a weak immune system • Garlic • Zinc • Fasting • Avoid stress

18. Rounded face - A sign of high insulin • Healthy Keto and IF

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DATA: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/british-journal-of-nutrition/article/severe-riboflavin-deficiency-induces-alterations-in-the-hepatic-proteome-of-starter-pekin-ducks/2C3480F341BFC92E3A999485DBBBA001

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