The Best and Worst Vitamin C

In this video, Dr. Berg explains the best and worst vitamin C.
By Dr. Eric Berg DC
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Vitamin C is derived from ascorbic acid, which is essentially a protective coating. When you look at the amount of ascorbic acid that is found in vitamin C capsules, the dosage is usually quite high; reaching pass 30 grams. However, in nature, ascorbic acid cannot be found pass 100 milligrams. This means vitamin C capsules that claim to have 100 milligrams or more of ascorbic acid, it is more than likely synthetically made. Synthetic ascorbic acid is made of corn starch and sulfuric acid. Certainly not what comes to mind when you think of taking you vitamins. While ascorbic acid plays a major role in vitamin c when recovering from a cold, it can leave you depleted. The same healing factors can be achieved by mixing a bit of apple cider vinegar with water and drinking it. Essentially, too much of the ascorbic acid can cause a vitamin deficiency. Read more...

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